Website structure and text

If your website isn't playing a vital role in your business model – helping clients choose you and navigate their purchases – then it's a waste of money.

The most common reason websites fall short are:

  • No planning of the customer journeys
  • Not delivering the information customers want
  • Not enough information
  • Too much sales talk, boasting and jargon
  • Too much about the company and not enough about customer benefits

Websites are mostly run by graphic designers, and pictures are more fun than words, so often far more effort is put into appearances than substance. But the visual impact wears off by the second or third visit. People don't come back for the design: they come back for information.

If you want a website structure that works for your business model and text that gives customers what they want, call Glide. We've been planning and writing website since 1999.

We've developed an approach (based on engineering) that we call Functional Specification. It's a document that specifies every screen in the website, including what its function is, what links it has – and every word that appears on screen.

If you start with a functional specification you are far more likley to get an effective website – and to come in on budget.

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