The Acid Test

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When you're chasing a new client, price is always important. But then, if all goes well, it's service that bonds that client to you, that builds loyalty.

Most small organisations believe they give good service, because – they are small and personal?

Most not for profits believe they good service because – their hearts are in the right place?

But service is more than emotion and intent, it's also about effective systems and meeting individual customer expectations.

The cruel fact is across the board service standards are often low and erratic. 

It's not just about warm fuzzies, this is basic business survival.

Several studies have reported that 30% or more of initial internet/email inquiries are...not responded to. The figure for responding to phone messages is probably not a lot better.

Put your consumer hat on for a moment. You know that's true. Sometimes you are ignored.

All that money spent on marketing, all that angst about getting more customers...only to ignore them when they come calling. Literally.

The reasons are complex, perhaps hard to understand (a lot are to do with recognition and reward), but the damage is very real.

Are you sure your service level is good?

Are you sure because you want to be sure, or sure because you have independent measurement in place?

This is what we call the acid test.

Glide’s Acid Test package evaluates your real service and tells how to use ongoing measurement to boost staff motivation to win more customers.



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