Sponsorship packages

People who have never tried it believe that rich corporates have a pile of cash they are eager to give to worthy causes.

Reality is that sponsorship is very competitive, that pursuing it is quite expensive and that many sponsorship programs fail. Totally.

We have a lot of experience with Not For Profits. What it tells us is:

  • Your request has to focus on benefits to the sponsor.
  • You have to make it really easy for the sponsor to get marketing benefit from sponsoring you – even if you have to do the work for them.
  • You must shift the sponsor's value perception away from "exposure" to "image" and "community engagement".
  • If you can foster a champion within the target organisation, your chances are much, much better.
  • Your request must be a well structured package of specific proposals, ideally with multiple levels of involvement.
  • You must plan long term, in annual cycles.

Glide can help you put together a set of sponsorship packages and an effective program for selling them.



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