Yes, we build websites, usually database-driven, dynamic sites that let you make your own text updates and can be expanded with new functionality as your needs grow. And responsive websites, that automatically reformat to pads to smart phones.

Be warned however, you may find us a little demanding in a couple of areas, which is perhaps strange when you are the customer.

We believe that half of the billion websites in the world could disappear into the clouds and the world would be no worse off. So we like to build the other kind of websites, the ones that matter.

To achieve this, we start with your business model. What we want to know is, how should a website advance your business model? What functions should it serve, that a website is the best – perhaps the only – way to achieve that outcome? The websites we would be happy to see floating away are not tethered to a business model. We guess they were built because someone thought they "should" have one, not because of a pressing business need. What a waste of effort (and money)!

Once we have agreement on what your website will do to advance your business model, we start to worry about content. Good design catches attention and some SEO smoke and mirrors can drag in initial traffic, but to deliver business results a website almost always has to provide information, including video and meaningful images, as well as, inevitably, text. Often the images are to catch attention, the words are to convey the message and obtain the desired behaviour.

On your website, content determines whether you will get results or not and – long term – whether people will visit the site. Just grabbing something from a brochure or making some waffle up on the fly won't cut it. So we worry about content, before we start.

You may be interested to know that website projects most often go off the rails and fall over because no one has provided good content, or even allowed a budget for it. This is inverted thinking: a website exists to deliver content. The content is the goal, the website is merely a tool.

Once you've got over our being finicky about business models and content, you'll be surprised to find your website project proceeding more smoothly than you expected and delivering results sooner than you expected. The most common causes of slow builds are a creeping realisation that the website isn't being built to do what's needed, so the specs are changed mid-build, and a failure of content.  You will have these covered before the first line of code is written.

A second nice consequence of this is that we deliver our websites on quote, always, and always have (providing of course that the specs are not changed after we confirm the quote).

So, if you want to work on a website that maximises your business results, we'd like to talk with you.

If you want something quick and cheap we're probably wrong for you. (We have put websites up in 24 hours when the situation demanded it – for example, an unexpected opportunity to meet a major potential business partner – but cheap was not part of the brief.)


Manage other suppliers

You might also be interested to know that we have often managed web projects for clients, using other designers, developers and even copywriters. There is a lot to be said for this model. Our skills and experience can help you navigate a complex and unfamiliar world, to get what you want – without being influenced by the unavoidably self-interested advice of suppliers. We act as your assistant, responding to your concerns and ensuring your goals are met: in other words, we are on your side. An option worth considering, especially if you have existing suppliers.