Full list of services we have provided

These are all services we have actually delivered, not wannabes. The spread and diversity flows from our philosophy that we have clients before services, and we provide what our clients need – not what we want to sell them.
Small business consulting
Business development
Marketing plans
Business reviews Structuring/restructuring
On-line strategies Growth ready
Action plans Marketing
Strategic plans
Business model validations
Family business
Succession planning
Policies, documentation
Not For Profits  
Professional bodies Clubs and associations
Causes Support groups
Charites Industry groups
Government recognition Audience engagement
Membership growth
 Building a support base
Business work
b2b tools Start ups
Funding ready
Acquisition reviews
Business coaching
Group planning sessions
Selling for the best price
Reaching out
 Community engagement
 Word of mouth
 Direct mail
 Events and trade displays
 Government relations
 Influencing the influencers
 Media management   
 E- and print newsletters
 Programmed contact marketing
 White papers, professional articles
 The great Aussie referral   
 Membership development
 Representation to government
 Profiling for recognition & credibility
 Image, brand and identity
 Business identity
 Apps (mobile and desktop)
 We create apps
 Mobile data access and input
 Apps for management
 Apps to get attention
 Apps for efficiency
  Running a database
 Purchase triggers
 Purchase blockers
 Review potential markets
 Decision maker research
 Qualitative research
 Focus groups, depth interviews
 Customer viewpoint
 Website user performance
 Market trends
 Opposition performance
 Websites and the internet
 Website structuring
 Website business integration
 Website writing
 Website design and build
 Website performance reviews
 Website project management
 SEO and site promotion
 Pay Per Click advertising
 Social media
 Information offers
 eLearning and webinars
 The functional web
 Support services
 Grant applications, tenders
 Multi-services for miners
 NFP organisational development
 Succession planning
 Professional body growth
 Membership development
 Special projects
 Policy documents, manuals