When nothing works

"We tried that and it didn't work."

Words to strike fear into the heart of any consultant.

What do I do, when people insist that every turn-around idea I suggest either has already failed or is sure to fail?

I believe them.

Because it sounds like their business model is broken. And a broken business model can turn even the greatest marketing ideas into failure.

The immediate task is to document and test the business model.

I like to start with the four most basic necessities for a successful business:

1. Sell something people want.
2. Price it to meet the local market.
3. Tell people about it.
4. Make it easy for them to buy it.

If the business is doing these four things, then whatever is wrong can be fixed.

If it's failing on one of the four basics, more serious, emergency surgery may be needed.

We've assembled a Working-on-your-business Toolbox that includes what you need to walk through a situation like this. Check it out and give us a call if you want a hand.