Design for print

It might not be fair, but people judge you by how you look and they judge your business the same way.

How your business looks is especially important when you're looking for new customers. When a company looks professional, people are more likely to judge it to be well run, reliable, to stand by its services, even to be bigger and more trustworthy.

When companies get big, they always spend up big on design – not because they have money to burn, but because they see a smart image as a high return investment. Sometimes they even see it as their major asset.

More important than the design of an individual item is how it fits in and contributes to your total image, what that image says about you and how it relates to your competition.

Design is thus a marketing tool. It's not about a piece looking individually spectacular, or winning a design award: it's about a cumulative marketing statement to your clients.

That's why we offer design services, especially for small businesses: to get the design process focused on coordinated business results.

Nowhere is this more important than in print. Despite all the social media/website hype, brochures and business cards remain the most important and most cost effective sales tools for most organisations, so we are strong on print design. Designers rarely consider an item in its company-wide context, including in relation to your competition, so we apply a marketing viewpoint to design. That makes us strong on rebranding and corporate style guides.

Why not put us to the test? Send us your next design job, or call us in to review your overall use of design, from a marketing results perspective.

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