Seducing the clients of your competitors

The clients who are buying from your competitors right now have:

  • demonstrated need, and
  • proven capacity to pay.


  • they know how your sector works, and
  • they know what to expect.

These are your perfect new customers.

Compare them for example with new-comers to the market who:

  • have to be educated at your expense,
  • may have unrealistic expectations, and
  • will probably start with small purchases.

Even better, there are lots of them. If you have 10% market share that means there are nine other customers for every one you have now.

So how do you get these customers to switch to you?

The ways of seducing the customers of your competitors are many (some are listed below). The business trick is in finding the lures that pack the most persuasion at the least cost.

How do you work that out?

Perhaps surprisingly, if you ask people (in a well structured, respectful, confidential way) they'll often tell you. Well, they might not tell you how cheap they can be, but they will tell you what their heart desires – and you can work the rest out based on what is easiest for you to deliver.

Engage Glide, and we'll find out what will make the customers of your competitors cast a wandering eye in your direction and how you can turn that into a seduction.

(If you're losing customers, you might like to run this process in reverse, to find out why they are leaving you – and what you can do to repair the relationship.)

Pillow talk for customers

Better service / less waiting / easier / we do it for you

More effective / reliable / enjoyable

New / prestige / better /style / image

Discount / cash back / better value for money / bonus offer

Talk to a person not a machine

Customised service: we'll do what you want

Fun / competitions / rewards / bonus extra services

New products matching their future needs


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