Major client acquisition

Are there a few really big clients you'd like to catch, who could change your business?  

Maybe you've tried and not got very far. "Not interested." Stitched up their current suppliers.

You may be interested to know, our research with Perth businesses over the years has often found companies not satisfied with their current suppliers, but not actively taking any action to replace them.

How can that be?  Usually it's because they don't believe that another supplier would be any better. Sometimes it's a case of "they're all bastards anyway" and "better the devil you know". They recognise there is a cost in changing so there has to be clear gain, not just a current negative.

Often this disconnect is a failure of imagination. The supplier is doing what they want. That they say they want. But they really want to be told about things they didn't know they wanted. They want to be wowed with initiative.

Most often, it's about the future. The company has big-picture concerns about the way their industry and marketplace is developing. Suppliers aren't thinking they have a role in this, typically they don't even know about it, but they could step up and offer solutions that would make them, suddenly, worth the cost and risk of change.

Or at may be some issue totally unique to that company and situation.

The point is, suppliers usually don't know about these concerns.

That doesn't mean that the suppliers wouldn't talk about what they want for the future, if they felt they were being seriously asked.

That's what we do with our proprietary Open Viewpoint research technique, that we use to give a firm foundation to campaigns to win major clients.

We find out the things you didn't know you didn't know, that could be the basis of a real advantage for you – a real reason for your target customers to pay attention and see a strong differential advantage in your offer.


Check out the video (2:18) and 4-page downloadable report.If your clients are mostly businesses, there are probably a few really big fish out there – if you could get to them

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