Get more members

Most membership-based organisations are shrinking and ageing: fewer, older members being relied on to keep it going.

It's often noted that younger generations have different attitudes to joining and to ongoing commitments, but it's also true they have different interests and ways of communicating and that they have many more options to choose between.

Clubs and professional bodies can expand their membership and attract younger members.

The steps are fairly straightforward:

  • Determine your values and your goals.
  • Define your target audience.
  • Learn the values and communication styles of your targets.
  • Find the matches; develop more matches.
  • Promote! It is a competition for attention and new people will only engage with you if you reach out to them.

You can expand your membership, attract more younger people and get them engaged, but it is a serious undertaking that your organisation has to commit to.

We have practical experience in this and we can help.


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