eNewsletters and blogs

Our experience suggests that probably fewer than one in four business e-newsletters actually has an effect on its target audience and their interest in the organisation. It's about the same for blogs and business social media.

There's a common reason: people don't have to read your enews or blog or social media.

They won't read it, unless it interests them.

This is a critical point: the communication has to be mostly information the reader wants to know, that is valuable to them.

Common mistake 1

Mostly however corporate communications are conceived as advertising. They are what the organisation wants to say to clients. Which mostly comes down to talking about themselves and promoting their products.

This does not work in newsletters and blogs. The audience is not passive and captive, as happens with TV.  More likley, they are in active resistance mode, trying to cull 50 excess emails.

So if the communication does not speak directly, immediately to something that interests them, it's lost.

Common mistake 2

Quality information that customers want to read usually takes research and careful writing.

But most newsletters and social media are delegated down the line, to be done in their spare time by someone not primarily skilled in writing or marketing, who already has a job and doesn't really have the time.


If you want an enewsletter, blog or social media content that actually matters to your clients, call Glide.

Or, take our free advice: a half-hearted, waffley communication is worse than no communication: just scrap it.


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