Customer engagement

Of course customers are at the centre, but organisations tend to focus on – organisation. Which is not a bad thing in itself; efficiency is vital.

But contact with customers beyond the immediate needs of servicing them is essential to learning how they are changing, so you can stay with them. Organisations need customer input to help them invent their future.

Organisations need customers to get then more customers, by word of mouth – which remains the most important form of promotion.

And customers are the final measure of all that concentration on internal functions.

Customer contact – face time or phone time, not so much machine-generated "social" time – is always a rich investment.

Customer contact beyond immediate servicing should be planned for, scheduled and have staff time specifically allocated to it.

To maximise the benefits, it should be reported on and the results analysed.

In many ways, an organisation's ratio of customer contact time to total operations is a measure, of how they are doing today, but more importantly how they will be doing tomorrow.

Glide can help you develop and implement an ongoing structure to maintain the interaction that feeds customer contact and growth.


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