Michael as a speaker

If you have a conferences, workshop or other event, including in-house sessions, you can include a thought-provoking session by Michael, customised to your situation and needs.

Michael can contribute on any aspect of marketing. His enthusiasms are in:

  • Innovation: building the structure to ensure innovation happens
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Social media (Michael takes a hard-nosed view on the value of social media, looking at its cost and effectiveness)
  • Website development (how to make a website contribute, rather than being just a required tick-box)
  • Why projects fail (why some classes of enterprise projects have 70% plus failure rate and what you can do about it)
  • Apps and business
  • Customers (why they are being forgotten, why reconnecting with them is a winner)
  • Research and planning (why they are usually dust gatherers, how to get value out of them)

Fees are negotiable especially for NFPs. Contact Michael for a discussion and proposal.