• “Innovation” – the word that stops readers who could benefit

    When you read “innovation” in a business context, to do skip on to the next thing? “Innovation” sounds like a concept for big company marketing where they can afford to have consultants wafting around talking stuff no-one understands, that will never happen, that has nothing to do with survival in these tough times. But innovation, the current marketing fad, is as old as business. Not the “Look, I just invented the iPhone” level of innovation. More the, “Hey if we can shorten waiting times by just 25%, looks like more customers will choose us,” or “A third of our complaints

  • Why NFPs should be crowd funding now

    Why should a not for profit be diving head first into crowd funding? Three big reasons. Crowd funding for cash First, well of course, money. New money that you wouldn’t have got otherwise, that is unlikely to cannibalise your existing income streams. Money that is independent of government and its strings. Crowd funding to reach Gen Y Millennials Appealing as that may sound, it’s not the main benefit. The real benefit is that crowd funding puts charities in touch with Gen Y Millennials. Most charities, their supporter base is primarily middle-aged to older people. These are people who grew up in