Most GlideStrategic services can be provided:

  •     on a per hour or per day rate
  •     under a monthly contract basis
  •     under a fixed-price quote

The hourly rate varies according to the type of work being done. We do offer a discount rate and other concessions to charities. Start-ups with suitable credit security can also seek a discount rate.

Contract rates reflect a significantly lower average per hour rate, however they are:

  •     a fixed per month payment (quiet and busy months average out around an agreed work load)
  •     applicable every month over a minimum 6 month contract term.
  •     must cover at least 10 hours per month
  •     are subject to mutual review upwards if the work load regularly exceeds the average agreed to

Fixed price quotes are available where the scope of the task can be well defined; obviously if we cannot know reasonably accurately how much work is involved, we cannot fix the price.

Once a fixed price quote is agreed, we will stick to the price, providing the agreed scope of work is adhered to.

Please talk with us to help find the payment model that best suits you.