Michael Woodhouse

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Glide Director Michael Woodhouse founded or co-founded five small businesses, worked for several Government Ministers and had careers in market research, marketing and journalism before founding Glide. Glide has spawned a further three continuing enterprises. He is the author of published books on direct selling and publishing and many management articles. In Glide he consults to SMEs and NFPs on business and marketing issues. His new hobby is developing iPhone apps.

Key functions

    •    Management advice and participation including via roles as a Non-executive Director and as a Consultant-to-the-Board
    •    Strategic planning including short-term, long-term, expansion, transformation and restructuring.
    •    Family business management. Family businesses have dynamics not covered in the marketing texts: Michael has made a study of these and learned skills specific to their needs.
Michael's skills are based on very wide range of experience gained through establishing small businesses, working in varied careers and in the last fifteen years consulting to literally hundreds of organisations covering most sectors.
They have been built through practical, hands-on work where results were paramount, but they are backed by deep theoretical and analytic understanding. (Some of Michael's business articles can be read on this site. 7 myths about customers, Small is different (about family businesses) and The harm that profit does were all particularly commented on at the time and have been reprinted in various journals.)
Michael is strong on strategic analysis, identifying marketing issues and devising and implementing innovative, effective strategies. He is able to take a broad view and relate this directly to detail at a nuts and bolts level.

Additional functions

    •    Government relations (lobbying)
    •    Person-to-person negotiations, group presentations
    •    Strategies and presentation materials including audio-visual and printed documentation for high-value meetings and presentations
    •    E-business and social media
    •    Business evaluations for purchase or sale

CV Summary

A wide ranging career including:
    •    15 years experience as a business consultant
    •    management and marketing for a wide range of enterprises
    •    founder of eight small businesses over 30 years
    •    mini-careers in journalism, market research and politics

Long experience and strong skills in:

    •    marketing strategies and implementation
    •    team oriented people management
    •    policy development and strategic planning
    •    problem solving
    •    media campaigns to promote causes and organisations
    •    liaison with community groups
    •    advertising, copywriting and management of graphic design projects.
Additional skills in:
    •    speech writing and public presentation
    •    financial management
    •    print design and production
    •    market and social research.
He holds a degree in and has done post-graduate research in psychology.
Proven goal-achiever, hard-working, energetic and creative.