Is there a fundamental problem?

Sometimes, it can seem as though there is nothing you can do that will turn things around. Everything you try fails.

This can indicate that your core business model is broken. Maybe it was good before, but things have changed.

All businesses, there are just four imperatives you must get right, or you will always be pushing uphill, slipping back, never surging easily forward. The four imperatives are:

1. Sell something people want.
2. Price it to meet the local market.
3. Tell people about it.
4. Make it easy for them to buy it.

If your business model is delivers on these four things, then any problem you encounter, there will be a solution.

But if your business model falls short on even one of these imperatives, it will always be an uphill battle.

The fact is, even the greatest, most wildly successful promotional or business idea ever can be reduced to a whimper by a broken business model.

(The converse is also true, that the most woeful promotion ever can be driven to success when applied to a sound business model. Of course, you’d do better applying that much energy to a more rewarding approach.)

If you’ve been working hard, trying different things and not getting the rewards you expect, consider an impartial, external review that tests your business model. I can help.